Announcing Newser India Application for Windows Phone

Download Application hereNewser India Windows Store
Application Name: Newser India
Developed By: Gohilar (Self)
Available on Platform: Windows Phone Store

This app helps in easy reading News and update of website.


This app helps in easy reading News and update of website. is India’s Finance profession News reporter, covers latest news from India, Financial News and Headline, latest breaking news on business.

Update and Latest News For CA CPT, CA IPCC and CA Final Student and Provides latest Useful Information for ICAI Members


  1. Quick View of Headline, Latest News, and Top stories
  2. User can Quick view Preferred category news
  3. Option to select Font size
  4. News For profession, To Profession and developed by profession
  5. Swipe gesture to go next/ previous article Ads Free app.

This is an app to provide service without the intention of earn money. so give your valuable feedback to invest the little time for improvement of an app. we’ll reply promptly. You can Also visit website www,

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